Monday, February 12, 2007

Vegan Mini Crustless Quiche

Today's lunchbox contains some items from a new recipe that I tried yesterday for Sunday Brunch. I have been meaning, for quite some time, to try one of the many vegan quiche recipes that I have seen floating around online and in various cookbooks. I used to really love quiche back when I was an omnivore, but now it's hard to imagine anything less healthy than a big pie made out of eggs & cheese. I really can't even comprehend how I ever managed to eat such a concoction, but I did, and I liked it. So a vegan version of such a dish would be a welcome addition to my recipe box. I knew that most vegan quiche recipes rely on Silken Tofu to replace the eggs, and I actually had some in the cabinet at home yesterday, so I hopped online and started looking for recipes at all of my usual hangouts.

It took me about 2 minutes to find the exact recipe I was looking for at SusanV's Fatfree Vegan Kitchen. Not only was it a quiche recipe, but it was a recipe for making mini quiches. Exactly what I needed to pack in the lunchbox for today's lunch. I ended up altering the recipe just a little bit. I made the quiche part, following the recipe exactly, but then I just stirred in some thawed frozen spinach until it looked the way that I wanted it to. And then I stirred in a few tablespoons of Bac-Os. In fact, Bac-Os are one of my favorite things to surprise omnivores with when they ask questions like, "What in the world does a vegan eat?" I remember a discussion I was having with someone once and they were telling me how there was no way in the world that they could ever be vegan, or even vegetarian, because they liked eating meat so much. In an effort to really impress me with how serious their meat-eating habit really was, they said, "Hey, I can't even eat a salad unless I put Bac-Os on it." And of course, I was like, "Um... Bac-Os are vegan." It's one of those things that sometimes surprises people and shows them that YES it IS possible to survive without eating animals, and you can even enjoy it!

Anyway, the Crustless Mini Quiches came out really well. There are actually four of them stacked there in the lunchbox. They taste a lot like I remember quiche tasting, except that they are almost fat-free. The only fat in them comes from the tofu. And I really like the flavor of the spinach and the Bac-Os. I will definitely be making these again. Maybe I'll add a little chopped onion. I would like to purchase some mini-muffin tins though so that next time I can make the real little teeny tiny quiches like you might see at a party.

I also brought along a salad of some Organic Mixed Baby Greens and a little Italian Dressing that was hanging out in my fridge.

And then to finish the lunchbox off, I brought another storebought item that sometimes surprises people because it's vegan, and that's Pillsbury Crescent Rolls. I don't know how they do it (and I guess that means it's not super healthy), because they taste buttery as all get out, but these things are actually vegan. I am not sure if they still make the really big version of these, or if they are even vegan but I would assume that they probably are, but if they do, I would like to make some of the big ones up one day and split them and make some delicious faux chicken salad sandwiches on them. Mmmmm... that would be so good. There's another good use for them too, and I'm thinking about trying it out in tomorrow's lunch box, but I'll just keep quiet about that for right now.

So there's the lunchbox for Monday. Crustless Mini Quiches are something that I highly recommend trying sometime. They taste just like the egg & cheese laden version, but they are so much better for you, and the animals. Made in some mini-muffin tins, I think that they would also be an excellent vegan food item to take to a party or other social gathering where you were looking to impress people with some delicious food that's surprisingly vegan. I mean, who in the world would expect vegan quiche?!?!

Thanks for checking in today. See everybody on Tuesday!


SallyT said...

There is a recipe for a vegan quiche in The Natural Gourmet by Annemarie Colbin that is really terrific. Even my mom who asks me 30 years later when I'm going to be done with that "vegetarian thing" liked them. Ms. Colbin relies on umeboshi vinegar to give the tofu the right tang. It's great.

Anonymous said...

Hello Kennyboy. Your lunch looks great today. I have always loved quiche but had no clue that it could be made in a vegan version. I will be trying this recipe soon. Thanks for your creativity.

Also I wanted to ask how your trip to the health food store went this weekend. Did you find the Agave Nectar? How was the homemade soaps that Melonie makes? Keep up the good work....JD

NightOwl said...


I just love that as you're talking about today's lunch, you're dreaming about what to make next. It cracks me up because I'm like that too. Those little quiches look wonderful. I'm so hungry now!

kennyboy said...

I never thought about it, but a "whang" might be nice in this quiche recipe sallyt. There wasn't any type of vinegar in the ones I made, but that might make it seem even "cheesier". I will have to experiment with that.

I was a lazy slug this weekend JD and did not make it to the Natural Foods Market. I should make it out there sometime this week. I HAVE to go because I am out of Vegenaise. And I am definitely picking up some of Melanie's soap.

Yeah, I'm messed up like that nightowl. I have a difficult time concentrating on and enjoying anything because I am always thinking about "the next time". Even on vacation, it won't even be over yet and I'm already planning and thinking about the next time in my mind. I guess I just enjoy anticipation.


shebytches said...

funny how the universe works. i was looking for a quiche recipe. and you have a quiche recipe. guess who is having her quiche and eating it too!

sireneatspoetry said...

these quiches look greeeeeeeeeat!

bazu said...

I've been wanting to try those mini-quiches for a while. Yours look great. Isn't it weird that bac-o's are vegan? Like, what's IN there?

The Whole Foods recipe website also has a quiche recipe, this one with a bit more Asian flare (sesame oil, miso, etc.). It's really good.

Connie said...

yum. i made teeny ones for a holiday party, and they were soooo good!

Melanie said...

this is something i've not been able to reconcile myself to yet - the idea of tofu as a replacement for eggs. something about it just makes me cringe inside. but the idea of using a bit of umeboshi is an interesting one...perhaps, if i think about it as a tofu thing and don't try to think about it as a "fake egg" thing...hmm. although, i'm not too upset about eating eggs as a rule, as my mom-in-law has pet chickens and we just eat what they naturally produce in the process if hanging around and being chickens. occasionally if i think about it it grosses me out a bit, but i go through phases with that.

kennyboy said...

It works good in quiche, or at least I think so. I never did like eggs anyway, even when I was an omnivore, unless they were cooked in something, like quiche, or cake! I didn't like scrambled eggs, or fried eggs. So I guess I never really thought about eggs when I ate quiche.

I guess I did the same when I ate these vegan quiches. I just didn't even think about the tofu at all. It was just "quiche".


Fairly Odd Tofu Mom said...

Oh be still my heart... Quiche? I'm in love - with the blog anyway!

Nice vegan eats, I just stumbled across... I'll be back.

kennyboy said...

Glad you found it fairly odd tofu mom!

I actually recognize you. When I saw the name on your comment post I was like "HEY! That's the lady from VeggieBoards.