Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Chik'n Salad Pita

Today I've got a really simple, and really delicious lunch. It taught me a thing or two about packing lunch in the Laptop Lunches lunchbox too. Homemade Chik'n Salad on a pita is so tasty, but at first I wasn't sure how to best pack and transport it. On my first try, I put the Chik'n Salad into the pita and then tried placing it directly into the lunchbox. That really didn't work that well. The stuffing started falling out all over the place, plus it really just didn't look that good, and that's important when you are a crazy person who takes a picture of your lunch every day for a website. Hehehe. I just didn't think that it would transport that well like that.

So, after a little experimenting, I ended up just laying a pita in the lunchbox by itself and then spooning a bunch of the Chik'n Salad into one of the containers. I thought about putting two pitas in there, and you could most certainly do that, but with Summer time coming up and vacations on the horizon, I probably should be cutting back on calories wherever I can, and eating only one pita instead of two will save me a few. There's more than enough Chik'n Salad there to fill one pita. And whatever is left over will be delicious eaten on its own because it's almost really like a fruit salad, with just a little mock chicken thrown in.

The Chik'n Salad is made from a few Morningstar Farms Meal Starters Chik'n Strips, onion, celery, chopped apples, grapes and walnuts. It's all mixed together with a little Grapeseed Oil Vegenaise. YUM! I would normally eat this on some bread, maybe with lettuce and tomato, but I used a pita this time just to be a little different. It's more interesting than seeing a bun in the lunchbox every day.

I threw in some raw carrots. I always have carrots in the fridge and they really come in handy for packing your lunch, especially when you've got that one last container that you can't figure out what to fill with. Carrots to the rescue again. For dessert, I packed a Lemon Bar Larabar. I think this is a fairly new flavor, because I haven't seen it before. I have, therefore, never tasted it before, so I am looking quite forward to peeling this baby open after lunch today. In case you've never heard me blabber on before, I just think that Larabars are the greatest thing for keeping yummy raw vegan food handy for whenever you need a snack. And they make great desserts for lunch too.

Well, that does it for Tuesday. Today's lunch is kinda' fun just because it's packed a little differently than what I normally do. That's one of the cool things about the Laptop Lunches lunchbox. You can move containers around, and even leave them out, making up all sorts of different configurations that really help to make your lunch just a little bit more interesting. I can honestly say that since becoming vegan, and since I started packing my own lunch (because you almost have to if you want to eat something vegan for lunch every day besides a wilted salad in a restaurant) my lunches are much more fun and interesting than they ever were as an omnivore eating the same old unhealthy fast food day after day, week after week. And they're not only healthier, they're cheaper too.

Thanks for checking in. Have a great Tuesday and I'll see everybody tomorrow!


Theresa said...

If you have never tried it out, I suggest experimenting with tvp. It's what they make soy chicken out of, so if you play around with some spices it is as good or better than pre-packaged faux chicken. And, you can usually buy it in bulk, so it's cheaper and probably less processed. It makes great chicken salad!

kennyboy said...

I've got some! I make veggie burgers with it.


Thanks. :o)

Brooke said...

Hmmmm, that Chik'n salad is a good idea! How long have you been vegan?

veggievulture said...

Looks awesome, Kenny!!! I'm going to forward your blog to my Mom--I like to show her that eating healthy, low fat, vegan meals is possible for someone who works full-time. (She thinks because I am a student I have all of this free time to make complicated vegan meals!!)

Talk to you on the PPK boards!

kennyboy said...

Hey brooke,

I went vegetarian 4 times earlier when I was younger, but for some reason, the longest it ever lasted was about 6 weeks.

This time, however, it appears to have stuck.

I became vegetarian on June 1, 2005

I became vegan on February 1, 2006

For some reason, it looks like I like to make life changes on the first of the month. Hehehehe

I actually meant to go vegan as a New Year's Resolution, but for some reason I was afraid and thought it would be impossible. So I bumbled around reading about it until I finally did it on Feb. 1, figuring that if I had to I could always revert back to vegetarian, but now I know that I won't have to because I'm not missing anything. It's actually a lot easier than I thought it would be.

As you can see on here, I still eat quite a bit of junk. I'm still in that "new vegan" phase where I like to eat vegan versions of all the bad non-vegan stuff. I think I probably eat burgers and pizza and all that as much as anybody.

I definitely eat a lot better than I used to though.

Jane M said...

That lunch looks so good! I love apples in my salads...now you got me craving a chikn salad. Your giving me lots of ideas.

jeni4 said...

yummy. I've made a chik'n salad sandwich from the morningstar farms chik'n nuggets (which are not vegan), relish, mayo, & dried cranberries before and nearly passed out because it was so good. i'd imagine that the one you made was about that good. one day i'll test out the strips in it.

Brooke said...

Ken, it looks like we have been vegan for the same amount of time! Congrats to you on doing it, and I do like your meals....I am still in the semi-junk food vegan stage, where I buy up all the vegan cookies I can find and eat them like they are going out of style! :-) But now that I am also blogging, I am trying to broaden my horizons a bit and eat an even bigger variety of foods.

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks to your obsession with lara bars, I went out and bought some and Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

I had only tried the chocolate mole
one and wasn't a big fan, but today I tried the apple pie flavor and hot dang!!!!

These beat luna bars by a mile!