Monday, May 01, 2006

Teriyaki Tofu, Brown Rice & Vegetables

Okay, I went overboard a little bit with the green beans. They are contained in 3/4 of today's lunch items. If you're going to overdo something though, I guess you could do a lot worse than green beans. To start things off, I packed an Amy's Teriyaki Bowl, made with organic tofu, brown rice & vegetables. You can find these just about anywhere. I've seen them at the health food store, but I just picked mine up in the freezer section of my local grocery store. It's obviously something that you could make quite easily, if you have the free time. If you're pressed for time though, it's an easy way to get some good food into your lunchbox. I've had this dish before and really liked it. Amy's has numerous frozen vegan entrees, and it seems like there are more and more every time that I go to the store. I only recently noticed that they are now doing their roasted vegetable pizza in pocket form, like a Hot Pocket. I might have to snag one of those for the lunchbox one day soon.

I threw in some steamed seasoned green beans (again, from the freezer section of the grocery store), as well as a small container of 3 bean salad, the cold vinegar & sugar stuff. I haven't eaten any of that in a very long time, and I really like it. So when I saw a jar of it in the store last week I had to grab it.

I finished filling the lunchbox with some raw walnuts. As you can see in the picture, there's a pretty good amount of them in there today. I normally wouldn't put that many into my lunch, but I planned on maybe snacking on them a little bit this morning, which I have.

This is a fairly simple lunch and there really wasn't much work involved in putting it together since I relied on the freezer section for my entree. Tomorrow's lunch, if I end up having what I am planning on making, will require a little more work on my part this evening. Sometimes I like to spend time cooking and preparing things for lunch, but sometimes it is nice to buy pre-made stuff, especially if it is minimally processed and organic, like a lot of the Amy's Kitchen meals are. I also tried one of their veggie burgers this weekend and I really liked it. It will probably also be appearing in the lunchbox in the near future, and it gave me some ideas for some modifications I could try with my favorite homemade veggie burger recipe. There's even a segment about Amy's Kitchen that airs from time to time on The Food Network. It was on again just this past weekend. I think it's part of an episode of "Unwrapped".

Well, I guess that's about it for Monday. Thanks a lot for stopping by. Have a great day and I'll see everybody on Tuesday.


Marieke van Vugt said...

speaking of easy... you inspired me to go investigate raw food and I just got this book called "Raw food made easy" by Jennifer Cornbleet from Amazon. This weekend I made the "not tuna salad" from the book and it's indeed really easy and quite a good fix on a sandwich, in a nori roll, with veggies as dip or in a lettuce leaf as raw sandwich. I definitely recommend the book.
Thanks for your nice and inspiring blog!

Heather said...

I love Amy's frozen entrees, but the salt content makes me put them back every time. I wonder why it has to be so darn high?

Brooke said...

You can never have too many green beans. :-)

jeni4 said...

That looks yummy. I've been meaning to make some tofu teriyaki lately. I just froze some tofu last night and am thawing it out right now. I may make it tonight. I've never made it before, only had it at a Japanese restaurant, so maybe it'll turn out okay.

Kristie said...

I love green beans! And I've been eating a ton of them since getting my lunchbox. I like the way they look in the larger containers. It's astonishing how nice my lunch looks in the lunchbox, and how much that improves my lunch experience. Thanks for the inspiring pictures!