Thursday, March 01, 2007

Tofu & Wild Rice

I didn't have a lot of time yesterday evening to do a lot of cooking for lunch today, so instead of using recipes from books or the internet, I just made something up. Since I'm trying to eat healthier, then that automatically means that I probably don't even need to worry about 2 or 3 items in my lunch because they should automatically be some vegetables or fruit, which really don't require any preparation. So that leaves me with just needing to come up with the main entree to really put a lunch together. I started browsing through the fridge, and then the freezer. It was there that I came upon a small block (about half a package) of tofu that I had frozen. It was leftover from making something else (I don't remember what), so I just threw it into the freezer for use as a meat replacement in some later dish. You probably already know this, but freezing and thawing tofu makes it a little bit tougher and more meat-like in texture. It usually does change color when you do that and end up a little bit on the brown side, but since you normally end up cooking it in some soy sauce, or other dark liquids, it doesn't really matter.

All I did was cook up a package of Uncle Ben's Long Grain & Wild Rice and just stir in the cubed up tofu at the very beginning. So it spent the whole 25 minutes in there with the simmering rice which gave it plenty of time to cook up and absorb a lot of the flavors from the rice seasoning packet. Since I didn't have that much tofu to start with, there's not a whole lot in there, only 3 or so pieces in my lunch serving I think. And the rice is basically fat-free since I never add the oil or butter that they suggest in the instructions. So this makes for a nice low-fat dish.

To go along with the Tofu & Brown Rice I just brought some Steamed Broccoli, some delicious Strawberries for dessert, and I whipped up another quick little batch of that Carrot Salad that I made a week or so ago. All I did was shred some raw carrots, stir in a little Apple Cider Vinegar and then toss in a few raisins. Fat-free and quite delicious. The tangy taste of the Apple Cider Vinegar goes really well with the sweetness of the carrots and raisins.

So I guess that does it for Thursday's lunch. It was really easy to fix, since I really just had to cook one item from scratch. It's also quite delicious and fits right in to this whole eating healthier thing. I did walk every day this week, until today, so that puts me exercising 3 days so far this week. However, it's pouring down rain outside here so it looks like I will not be walking outside today. I do have a treadmill at home in the garage that I, needless to say, rarely use. So I guess I will have to break down and have a 30 minute session with it this afternoon. I'm feeling pretty good since the initial weight loss thing has been going so good, so hopefully I will be motivated enough to exercise when I get home.

Thanks for reading my blog today. I'll see everybody on Friday!


Jody from VegChic said...

Glad to see you posting often again. I had started checking your blog shortly after you took a blogging break.

I like the rice/tofu idea. I'm no fan of raisins, but your carrot salad reminded me of recipe I used on my one of my raw days a few weeks back. It was just grated carrots, fresh orange juice and cumin. The cumin really adds a nice kick if you want to try that sometime.

kennyboy said...

Hey, that sounds really interesting. I love cumin, but I never would have thought about adding it to carrot salad.

I will definitely try this next time I make it.


Anonymous said...

Can tofu be eaten raw? I know it wouldn't have much flavor but I few times I wanted to crumble a bit into a pasta salad and wasn't sure if it had to be fried or what not before hand.

kennyboy said...

I'm not sure, but I think it can. Seems like I remember that when I made a fake feta cheese once, using a recipe from one of the Sarah Kramer books, that I did NOT cook the tofu. I think I just cut it up into little cubes and then marinated it in a bunch of vinegar, oil and spices and then ate it on salads and things. Kinda' like exactly what you are wanting to do.

So, unless my memory is failing me, I think that you can eat it without cooking it.

Anonymous said...

thankx... I was thinking it would be ok since the package didn't say otherwise but as all the 'suggested' recipes and cooking ideas involved heating of some kind I wasn't sure.