Monday, March 26, 2007

Vegan "Chicken" Nuggets

Today's lunch is one that I just threw together really quickly last night because it was pretty late when I got home. This weekend was BEAUTIFUL here in Tennessee and I just HAD to get out of town for the weekend. When I got back home and started thinking about lunch for today, it became obvious that I was probably going to be relying on storebought vegan items to feed me today. The main star of today's lunchbox is one of my favorite pre-made vegan items that you can find in the freezer section of almost any regular old grocery store.

Boca Chik'n Nuggets are pretty much just like the Chicken Nuggets I remember from my omnivore days. They taste just like their Chik'n Patties, and I assume they're probably made out of exactly the same ingredients, just formed into a different shape. I like to keep these on hand in the freezer at all times. They make good snacks, and you can even use them to make a reduced calorie version of a Chicken Sandwich should you run out of patties. I'll probably be showing that in the lunchbox pretty soon because I've been doing it a lot here lately with this whole weight loss thing. I've got some vegan Barbecue Sauce there in the little blue container for dipping my nuggets into. It's just storebought too. I just checked the label to make sure that it didn't have honey, or anything else not vegan, in it.

In the green container I've got an interesting mix of vegetables that I spotted in the freezer section at the store. There's corn in there, along with black beans, onions, green pepper and red pepper. Plus they're seasoned kind of in a Mexican style with some spices & Lime Juice. They're actually really good. I'll probably be buying these quite a bit from now on, or making something similar on my own.

And then I've got an Apple Pie Larabar for dessert. My favorite. Then I kinda' ended it there and left the lunchbox at that. I mean, I probably could have squeezed in another container or so, with some more food in it, but since the nuggets have quite a few calories, as does the Larabar, I figured I'd better stop with what I had if I plan on losing any weight this week.

And speaking of losing weight, I lost another 2 pounds last week. I've been at this for 5 weeks now and have lost a total of 18 pounds. I started out at 225 lbs., the most I have ever weighed, and I weighed in this weekend at 207 lbs. I actually weighed less than that at one point during last week, but I kinda' ate (and drank) more than I should this weekend since it was so nice outside, so I sort of hurt myself a little bit there in the end. Oh well. I'll take the 2 pound loss and keep chugging along. I'm thinking about upping the exercise a little this week and trying to get more walking in. I guess we'll see how that goes. I'd like to walk during lunch, while I'm at work, and then maybe fit in another walk in the evening, after work.

So there's my lunch for Monday. Pretty much NO work on my part, and still yummy. Thank goodness for pre-packaged vegan food.

Thanks for coming by today. See everybody tomorrow!


Tiffaney said...

I don't stop by on Monday's for the food, anyway! :-) I stop by for the weight loss progress! Excellent job! Pittsburgh weather was gorgeous this weekend, too. Like you, I'm upping the exercise and hoping to get out for lunch walks all week! Where did you go?

Your lunches always look fantastic - whether store bought or homemade! It's making my tummy grumble right now!

Veganluv said...

Another of my fav fast food items - the Boca Nuggets! ummmmm good.

I dip them in my version of a cocktail sauce (ketchup mixed with horseradish).

bazu said...

Congratulations on your weight loss! I'm inspired by your foods, and also reminded that I need to watch portion sizes. You are so lucky to be having gorgeous weather where you are, the kind that makes you love to get out of the hosue...

robin76 said...

Your lunchboxes always look delicious and your healthy combos are fab. I am also a huge larabar fan- I am now hooked on the 'jocolat' chocolate ones (think they are new). They taste like brownies.

kennyboy said...

Hey tiffaney. I just went to this campground that's an hour or so away from home. We've got an RV there, in a year-round spot, and so do all of my friends, so we all go down there just about every weekend and hang out. It's not really roughing it since it's got a living room, TV, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, shower, even washer & dryer hookups. But I like to pretend like I'm roughing it. HA! Needless to say, it's easy to ruin my diet there. I'm gonna' have to be more careful. That's one reason that I am wanting to lose weight anyway, so I won't be so self-conscious around the swimming pool down there.

I make cocktail sauce like that too veganluv, or at least used to. I've been wanting to find some of those Asian vegetarian "shrimp" that come frozen in a bag with chinese or japanese writing all over it. They're made out of seitan mostly, I think, and they look just like shrimp. If you haven't seen them before, I think they're at but I assume it would cost a fortune to ship frozen food.

Thanks bazu. I can't believe how nice it is here now. PLEASE let Winter be over. ;o)

Oh gosh YES! robin76. They had a single box of those at the grocery store and I've bought every single one and consumed them over the course of a couple of weeks. So they are OUT! I WANT SOME MORE! Those things are EXACTLY what I was looking for in a vegan brownie. The taste & texture are PERFECT!



Melanie said...

i think i know the campground you're talking about, Ken. when i worked at the job corps in bristol, one of our staff had a camper parked down there and we'd go down once or twice each summer to have a big cookout under the shelter. gorgeous place, a nice little weekend 'getaway' with a good sense of community.

Mikaela said...

That veggie mix looks really yummy :)

robin76 said...

Ha Ha :) . I know, they really are quite dee-lish- a perfect vegan brownie. I hope you find more soon (online perhaps?)!