Friday, April 20, 2007

Asheville - Rosetta's Kitchen

Well, as planned, I stopped in Asheville, NC on my way back home to Tennessee and enjoyed a nice lunch at Rosetta's Kitchen. I have been meaning to eat here for quite a while but just never got around to it. There are a couple of different ways to get into the restaurant. I ended up parking around back and using the back entrance which takes you up a long flight of colorful steps to reach the main restaurant part. It's a funky place, with a definite atmosphere that you can almost cut with a knife. The menu seemed HUGE! And there were lots of special vegan things, different types of Quinoa salads, cakes and stuff like that, that aren't on the menu every day, that were in display in a case right there where you order.

Here, you just order and go ahead and pay right there at the counter and then go take your seat at a table and wait for your food. I thought I remembered someone telling me that they call your name to come and get your food, and they did ask for my name when I ordered, so I was expecting that. But they brought my food to me. Maybe they just call your name when they get really, really busy, which they did before I got finished eating and got out of there.

I ordered their Hummus as an appetizer since it had been more than 24 hours since I last had Hummus. Hahaha. I swear, I have never eaten as much Hummus as I have this week and I am HOOKED. I can't wait to get back home and make some MORE! The Hummus at Rosetta's Kitchen was very good. As you can see, it came with some Carrot sticks and Tortilla Chips, which were also exceptionally good by the way. I really enjoyed all of the Hummus that I ate this week, and this batch was no exception. It was nice and thick and seasoned just perfectly. It tasted awesome on both the chips and the veggies.

I ended up ordering one of the plates off the menu that was full of vegan comfort food. There's Peanut Butter Baked Tofu, which I had never had before, some delicious Mashed Potatoes with some Vegan Brown Gravy (very similar to that gravy that I like to make) and some Kale. EXCELLENT! Very good vegan food. The Peanut Butter Baked Tofu was a little strange at first, because I've never had it, but it was extremely rich. It was very difficult to eat it all. In fact, I think I had a little bit left over that I couldn't finish.

I was really wanting to try some of their delicious looking vegan desserts too, but after eating this plate of food there was NO WAY I could eat anything else. They had lots of other vegan goodies on their menu too, like Macaroni & Cheese, Nachos with vegan cheese sauce, and all that stuff. This is a really good place to find some yummy vegan grub. I just wish it was closer to home, but I guess I'm lucky that it's only an hour away.

So there you have it. A fitting end to a week of vegan eating out. It was a little challenging eating out for a whole week while out of town, but not too bad. Luckily I seemed to have magically attracted other vegetarians & vegans to me to offer suggestions. I just showed my lunches on here, but I hit some of the places I liked more than once for dinners. I even ate dinner at the hotel restaurant once. I just had them whip me up some pasta, mushrooms & veggies in some Olive Oil. They were more than happy to accommodate me, and it ended up being really delicious too.

I guess I'll take it easy this weekend and try to recharge before heading back to work next week.

So thanks for reading my blog this week.

The lunchbox and I will be back at work on Monday. See you then!

Have a great weekend!

(whew! it feels good to be back home)


Tracy said...

Peanut Butter Tofu? Hmmm, sounds suspicious. Not sure how I'd feel about that one.
Nice to hear you had a great trip, but there's no place like home!

kennyboy said...

Thanks tracy.

Yeah, all that peanut butter taste was pretty rich.

Not sure I would ever make this at home.

I'm glad I tried it though because I never would have thought of doing that.


Melanie said...

you sure did end up eating a lot of hummus over the course of the week. reading about it has made me want to whip up a batch. only i'm out of garbanzos, but have a huge bowl of navy beans in the fridge, so maybe i'll do a navy bean version instead.

Kim in Blacksburg said...

I just wanted to thank you for your reviews of the Asheville restaurants. I'm going to be there in a few weeks for my vacation, and it's fabulous to know that there will be yummy vegan places to eat!

Thanks for the great lunch posts, too. They're very inspiring. :)

GiovannaCoraggio said...

I have lived in asheville for 10 years. Most of which I frequent Rosetta's on the weekend and I swear peanut butter tofu is awseom if you like pad thai or peanut sauce. it is made with tamari. Try it!