Thursday, April 05, 2007

Finally! - Amy's Spinach Pizza

Well, I finally managed to locate that elusive new product from Amy's Kitchen; the new vegan Rice Crust Spinach Pizza that has the Follow Your Heart Vegan Mozzarella on it. I've been looking for this thing for quite some time but have had a hard time finding it, as have several other people from what I have read on some other vegan message boards. I know I could make something like this myself, but I think it's exciting that someone actually bothered to put a frozen pizza with vegan cheese on it on the market, so I wanted to support that effort and purchase one. There was only one in the freezer at one of the local Health Food Stores (THE HEALTH BARN, which is my new favorite place to shop). So when I saw it I actually gasped and grabbed it before anyone else could snatch this vegan prize from my grasp.

I just cooked it in the toaster oven and then cut out a nice big square piece from the middle that would fit nicely into the lunchbox. That left me with these four side pieces that I sampled last night to see what I thought about it. DELICIOUS! I already knew that I loved the FYH Vegan Mozzarella, but I had never had a Rice Crust before. It's really delicious. It tastes a lot like the homemade pizza crust that I like to make from Whole Wheat Pastry Flour. The texture is very much like that.

There are only two real drawbacks about this product and one is the amount of fat in it. I mean, just look at the nutritional information! This is WAY more fat and WAY more calories than I calculate for the homemade pizzas that I make, and mine even have vegan pepperoni and such on them. The other thing is the price. These things are not cheap. The one that I purchased was $7.69. So obviously, I could just buy some FYH cheese and make something similar homemade, probably without the Rice Crust, for a lot less. But like I said, I'm glad that they are making this product, so I wanted to purchase it to support the company, and really, if I ordered this in a restaurant and it cost that much, I don't guess I would think twice about it. I just wish it was a little less costly and lower on the fat and calories. Anyway, it's definitely delicious, there's no arguing about that. So if you're pressed for time, and want a delicious vegan pizza, then this would definitely make you very happy.

Since the pizza has so many calories, I just finished filling the lunchbox with some Edamame and some Dried Apricots for dessert.

I don't have to work tomorrow since it's a company holiday, so I'm not sure what I'll do for the blog. If I go out and eat for lunch, which I am kinda' planning on doing, then I'll just take my camera along and do another "Vegan Dining Out" post. If I make something at home, then I guess I'll just do a post about that. But anyway, whatever I do, it probably won't involve the lunchbox since I don't have to carry my lunch to work.

So thanks for coming by today and I'll see everybody tomorrow!


Melanie said...

you STEENKER! you were 2 blocks away at Health Barn, and you didn't come by? uh huh. fine. okay. be that way. (kidding)

a neat thing happened today. some folks were wandering around town, checking out places that they had heard about on the web and they found my store via a comment in your blog. i love when stuff like that happens.

kennyboy said...

I know.

I'm a horrible internet friend.

In my own defense, I DID think about it, but I barely made it to the Health Barn before they closed. I figured you probably weren't open. Seems like I am rarely down on that end of town.

I DO know exactly where you're at though and need to come by because I am out of your soap and I really liked it. Maybe I'll actually have time since I've got a long weekend off. What are your hours gonna be this holiday weekend (Fri, Sat?)

That IS pretty wild that those people saw your store mentioned on here.

I am STILL amazed that people even read my blog.


Lolo (VeganYumYum) said...

I can't believe you found that pizza! I've been looking everywhere. I'm so jealous!

kennyboy said...

I spoke with the store's grocery buyer as he was stocking some other merchandise and told him what a good job he did ordering vegan items and that I couldn't believe that they had that pizza.

He said it was actually a mistake that they ordered that one, so that one single pizza really wasn't even supposed to be there.

So I really WAS lucky.

Melanie said...

Hi Ken,

I expect to be open Friday from 12:30 to 6:30. Saturdays, I'm normally open 1 to 4 but we have birthday parties going on so I'll probably be open 10 to 2 instead, giving me time to run kids around to parties.

This is a great blog. I can't believe that YOU can't believe that folks want to stop in here and see what you're up to. That's the best part about blogs, getting a little window into the life of a person.