Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Savannah - Mellow Mushroom

Well, as you can see, I made it to Savannah, GA. This first picture is obviously not a picture of the place where I ate lunch at, but a picture of the Mercer House. In case you don't know, it's the house where the whole "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" thing went down. I just thought I would throw in a few pics this week from around town in case some of you might be interesting in seeing them. It was kinda' cool to see this house in person after seeing it in the film. It's really beautiful. In fact, the whole town is. It's just FULL of beautiful old mansions like this with streets lined with palm tress and huge Willow trees with moss growing in them and dropping down toward the ground. It's really beautiful at night too, in a spooky way, which is why I guess there are so many ghosts that supposedly reside here. I'll show some more pics from around town as the week goes on, but now on to my vegan lunch that I enjoyed today.

I ended up dining at the Mellow Mushroom. In case you don't know, it's a chain of pizza restaurants that have this whole funky vibe going on. The atmosphere reminds me of something of a cross between my favorite local restaurant, Cootie Brown's, and a coffeehouse. It's decorated really wild and is full of college kids and hippies and that whole scene. It's really neat. There's actually one an hour away from where I live but I just never had gone to it. After this experience though, I will definitely be visiting the one closer to me on a regular basis. Their food is REALLY delicious and there are several menu items that are vegetarian and can easily be made vegan just by omitting an ingredient or two. The staff was extremely helpful and was happy to help me plan out my vegan meal.

I started out with some of their Hummus. I just had some yesterday up there in Asheville, NC and I wanted to try their Hummus here and see how it compared. WOW! This stuff was good. It came with Pita Bread to spread it on and it was topped with something that was absolutely delicious. Maybe some of you guys know what it is. I couldn't figure out if it was just Taco Seasoning, or a mix of Chili Powder & Cumin, or maybe just some type of Smoked Paprika. Whatever it was, I LOVED it. Definitely some of the best Hummus I have ever eaten. I was actually pretty full just from eating the appetizer, but I still had a large pizza on the way! I ordered a large so I would have lots leftover to carry back to my hotel room to munch on later tonight and for breakfast in the morning.

I ended up ordering the Mega-Veggie Pizza, without cheese, of course. They have a regular Veggie Pizza that has a few less toppings on it, but I wanted the one that goes all out. I can't even remember what all was on there; Portobello Mushrooms, onions, green peppers, roasted red peppers, broccoli, artichokes, olives, tofu and I can't even remember what else. It was REALLY good. I really like their crust and their pizza sauce. And needless to say, as you can guess from looking at the picture, I ended up walking back to my room with LOTS of leftovers.

So there you go, my first vegan lunch in Savannah. I really like the Mellow Mushroom and will probably visit there again one night for dinner this week. My server there was actually a vegetarian and was excited that I was looking for some vegan food in Savannah. She wrote down a couple of places that she recommended, so I've got a few leads on other places to try out this week.

Well, it's almost 9PM here. I think I'll head out for a little while and find some spooky bar to have a couple of drinks at. I noticed last night that they've even got a Haunted Pub Tour down here where you go from bar to bar (buying a drink at each one, of course) listening to all of these ghost stories. That really sounds like fun, but I can't have THAT much fun tonight because I've got class again in the morning. I am gonna' go out for a little while though because the town at night is SO pretty.

So thanks for checking in today. See everybody tomorrow!


Tracy said...

Wow , Kenny! What an awesome looking pizza. And I love the look of the restaurant. Kinda eerie how your server happened to be a veg- you must have good karma!

SusanV said...

Thanks for posting about the Mellow Mushroom. There's one here that I've never been to, but now I'll have to go.

I would guess smoked paprika on the hummus--that's traditional--but you never know!

bazu said...

Cool pizza- I love the veggies and tofu as toppings. I really liked Savannah the one time I went there- you are so right, the town is pretty and historical and has a definite vibe.

Okra Mary said...

I"ve never been to Savannah, but it looks beautiful in your pictures. Glad you're having a good time!

Zorah said...

From the picture, I would guess the spice on your hummus was sumac. (Not poison sumac, or poison oak, but the dried and ground berries of a related plant that is found in the Middle East). It's traditional on hummus, and as an ingredient in the amazingly tasty spice blend called zaatar. I put it on everything! It's easy to find in Middle Eastern markets, or online, and well worth experimenting with.

This is the first time I've posted a comment to you, I think, but I've been following the blog for a while. So, hello! My husband the omnivore-sliding-into-veggiehood is eagerly awaiting the perfection of your veggie burger recipe.

Thanks for entertaining us and helping expand our culinary adventures. Enjoy your vacation!