Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Organic Black Bean Enchiladas

Today's lunch may be a little less photogenic than others because the main course was so large that I kind of had to squeeze it in there to fit. I am sure it will still be delicious though. I didn't have a lot of time to cook something up last night so I resorted to the freezer full of storebought items. Today I've got some Amy's Organic Black Bean Enchiladas. They were really nice looking right out of the package, but of course I messed them up squeezing them into the green container. They smelled really good too when I was cooking them. I am looking forward to eating them later today.

The red container holds some spanish rice that I whipped up from a package of cheap store-brand stuff. I ate a little bit of it last night and it is actually very good. I guess it's probably hard to really mess rice up though huh?

There were some black beans cooking at home all day yesterday in the slow cooker, so I grabbed a couple of big spoonfuls of those and added them to today's lunch. Black beans are one of my favorite types of beans and I intend on making some Southwestern dishes, similar to the storebought stuff I am eating today, using black beans in the near future. I have been discovering some wonderful vegan food blogs here lately with tons of great recipes that I am determined to try out very soon for my lunchbox.

I filled the last empty container with a VwaV Best Pumpkin Muffin. It was the last one left from the batch that I made a few days ago. I guess I will have to drag a cookbook out tonight and cook up another batch of something for desserts for the rest of the week.

Here's a good place to give a little tip about reheating your lunch in the microwave if you are using one of the Laptop Lunches lunchboxes to pack your lunch in. All microwaves vary in power so you may, of course, have to adjust these times, but this is what I have found works really well for me. If I only have one large container (like the red one or the green one) to reheat, I just remove the lid and microwave it for 1 minute on HIGH. This is assuming it is cold from where you have had it stored in the carrying case with an ice pack. If I have 3 containers to heat up, like I do today (2 large ones and 1 small one), I remove any lids and place all 3 containers in the microwave at the same time and nuke them for 2 minutes on HIGH. So far this has worked really well and gets everything nice and hot without drying it out.

Well, that about does it for Wednesday. If you are reading this then you have made it over to the new website. I won't be updating the old one anymore so make sure you always come to the new address from now on. Thanks for visiting today and I'll see you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I love Amy's Enchiladas! They are one of my favorite things. You will really enjoy them.

johana said...

thanks for share it, i wish we have those enchiladas here in P.R..

karen anne said...

Another great Vegan blog. I got here via a pointer from the vegan lunchbox.

One suggestion, light type on a dark background is hard for us older folks to read. Firefox actually has an extension called Read Easily that turns web pages like that into black type on a white background. It works okay on your page, but since it works by removing all styles, it messes up your nice layout.

karen said...

Wow- I thought white type on black was easier to read! I design PowerPoints for my students and always find light type on dark backgrounds easiest to see!

I love Amy's enchiladas! Black beans and rice make a great side.

Jane M said...

Oh now this is yummy! Glad to find you...will be back again and again!

LadyRachelLynn said...

do you mind if I put your site in the links on my site?

Anonymous said...

everything looks really good.

kennyboy said...

No I don't mind. PLEASE link to me. Hahahahaha.

This place is about to get interesting, for me anyway, because I am about to make a major shift in my diet. No, I'm not gonna' start eating animals. ;o)

I have received some grief from people I talk to about my eating in the past, and I know it's not the healthiest, so I've decided to FINALLY make the switch and start eating a lot less refined carbs and fat, just good carbs that are more complex and better types of fat.

I eat WAY too much sugar, white flour and oil.



Anonymous said...

Mmmmm, black beans! Yum. We had black beans and rice with yucca fries the other night for dinner. Who knew that yucca fries were so easy to make. Good luck with the eating healthier! I am trying to do this as well with my family.

I am enjoying the blog. I was you over on the VF boards. Also, have you found that the lids on your lunchbox containers are tearing? I bought one of these lunchboxes last year for my hubby and he's torn the tiny little lid and the big lid. I've gotten replacements, but he's torn them again, and I hate to keep bugging the lunchbox ladies about it. Maybe my hubby just tears into the containers cuz he's so hungry. =)

cassie said...

Yummy. Yummy blog :) I love reading & getting ideas for my own lunches, so thanks for posting!

ps-you might like this chickpea smash recipe, I live on it! Chickpeas, celery, veganise, s/p, onions; mash it all together. Yum. My girls think it's chicken salad. hahaha.

kennyboy said...

No I haven't tried that, but I have heard that chickpeas and Vegenaise are very good together. You add even more yummy things. I will definitely try it.

I assume that if I'm gonna try to eat healthier I should buy the Vegenaise made from grape seed oil from now on huh?

Has anyone ever tried that one?

I wonder if there is any difference in taste because I LOVE regular Vegenaise.

kennyboy said...


Now that I think about it, I have eaten chickpeas & vegenaise before in those chickpea & hijiki salad sandwiches I make.

There back there in an old lunch post somewhere.

I'll probably be having that again very soon with grape seed Vegenaise.

Cassie said...

the grape seed one is so-so. i was never a big mayo fan to begin with; but veganise I LOVE. I tried the grape seed (on accident, grabbed it instead of the regular) and it was ok. Didn't rock my socks off, but if you're going for low cholesterol, it should help, right? :)

kennyboy said...

No, I haven't had any problem with the lids tearing yet.

I'm pretty careful with mine because the "hinge" where the lid attaches to the box looks like an area that could possibly tear someday.

trixy said...

nice one! (in meantime you answered my microwave question that i posted on the item on april 04 ;) )

kennyboy said...

SORRY. I just went back and noticed that there were a few old posts floating around back there that I hadn't noticed.

I answered all the ones I found.