Sunday, April 02, 2006

ROAD TRIP: Sunday Brunch in Asheville, NC

Well, we decided to get out of the house today and go enjoy a delicious vegan Sunday Brunch in a restaurant. There's not really a place to get such a thing in the town where I live, but luckily, we are only about an hour drive away from the cool little town of Asheville, NC. If you're not familiar with Asheville, it's a very unique little town that is just chock full of lots of spiritual, new-age, yoga, hippie and vegetarian vibes. There are actually like 5 or 6 very good dining options over there for vegetarians and vegans. If you ever have the chance, it's definitely worth checking out. It's about the most veggie friendly place I can think of that is anywhere even close to where I live in Tennessee. It was a beautiful day for driving over the mountain with with the top down. This first picture is from the scenic overlook at the top of the mountain, it's right at the state line and exactly half way between my house and downtown Asheville.

We decided to dine at The Laughing Seed. It's an exclusively vegetarian restaurant with tons of vegan options. I have eaten there before and loved it, and I knew they had this Sunday brunch that is supposed to be really good, so that's where we went. We got there about 5 minutes before noon and it wasn't crowded yet, but within an hour it was pretty much full, including the outdoor dining area. It's a really cool spot to people watch. There are lots of interesting people walking by to see, and there are musicians on almost every street corner playing guitars, violins, saxophones, etc. You name it... it's there.

I ended up ordering the Blue Plate Special and it was YUMMY! Probably some of the best vegan food I have ever tasted. The plate had some scrambled tofu, some herb roasted potatoes, a piece of homemade seitan soysage, and a huge delicious vegan biscuit smothered in yummy vegan gravy. I make a meal almost exactly like this at home a lot, and this was as good as, if not a little better, than homemade. I also had a couple of orange & pear Mimosas which were quite tasty. It was a delicious meal in a wonderful setting. What a way to spend a Sunday morning. Guess I'll see everyone back at work tomorrow with the trusty lunchbox. Have a great Sunday evening!


Randi said...

my spouse's cousin lives in ashville. We'll have to keep this place in mind if we ever get down there for a visit

Tanya Kristine said...

daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn....that looks GREAT!~