Friday, April 14, 2006

Out to Lunch @ COOTIE BROWN'S

Well, I didn't have to work today since it was Good Friday, so I didn't have to pack the lunchbox. Instead, I slept in a little bit and then got up and got ready and went to Cootie Brown's for lunch. Yes, it's the same place I went the last time I went out for lunch, but I told you that it's my favorite place. I considered a couple of other places, but it is such a beautiful day here today, and Cootie Brown's has this awesome outdoor dining area, I just couldn't resist going there. I met a friend there and we were seated as soon as the doors opened for lunch.

I tried something new the last time I ate at Cootie's, so this time I ordered my all-time favorite, the Black Bean Veggie Burger. These things are really, really good and the homemade patties are vegan (I have asked). There are a few things you have to ask them to leave off to make the whole meal vegan, but they're easy to remove. All you have to request is no sour cream, no cheese and no butter on the bun when they grill it. With those minor alterations, this vegetarian meal becomes vegan and is oh so good.

I probably should have replaced the fries with a salad for the small upcharge, but I didn't. I really like those fries, and I haven't had any in a while so I went ahead and got them. They fry them in their own dedicated fryer and oil so you know there hasn't been any kind of meat or other animal product cooked in the oil.

I have tried in the past to replicate this burger at home, and have never really succeeded. I recently discovered this recipe on the internet though that looks like it could turn out very similar to the Cootie Brown's burger, with the addition of black beans. I just haven't gotten around to trying to make it yet.

Well, I guess that's about it for Friday. It was nice to let someone else do the cooking for a change. Thanks for checking in. I hope everybody has a wonderful weekend and a Happy Easter. See you on Monday!


Cassie said...

that looks DELISH! I think I'm going to make a up a bunch of veg burgers and freeze them. Yum!

Brooke said...

Yum, I love black bean burgers! Looks good...but what is that purple thing next to it? It looks like a sea urchin or something, but I assume it is kale or some similar garnish. It's funky!

Jane M said...

Cootie Brown's looks like an amazing place! That lunch looks so good, didn't skimp on anything did they? Let us know how your bean burgers turn out, ok?

kennyboy said...

Hahahahaha brooke, it DOES look like some kind of sea creature.

But yeah, it was some kind of kale or something for garnish, just like you said.

I will probably try that recipe soon jane. I really like the VwaV veggie burgers that I made last week or so, but I like black bean burgers too and I think that recipe I found might be similar to Cootie Brown's burger. I know it has brown rice, lentils, bulgur wheat and potatoes in it, so it has to be similar.

When I make them I will, of course, post pics on here.


Theresa said...

Your food looks better!

kennyboy said...


Surge84 said...

Looks good to me