Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sunday Brunch @ The Lake

We went to the lake house today to help my dad get the Jet-Ski in the water and so I could fix a vegan breakfast for my parents and see what they thought about it. I have a "regular" breakfast that I like to fix a lot, and order to eat when I go out to vegetarian restaurants, but I've often wondered what it would taste like to someone who is not a vegetarian or vegan. So we whipped up the meal and my parents tried it.

I made all of the same things that you've seen me eat on here before. Biscuits made from whole wheat pastry flour, gravy made with Earth Balance & soymilk with some tempeh sausage crumbles in it, some herb roasted potatoes and some scrambled tofu. Everything turned out really good and I enjoyed it. I'm not sure my parents were too keen on it though. My dad thought it was good, and he even had seconds on the biscuits & gravy (I had seconds and thirds!). My mom tried everything, but the word she used to describe it was "different". She said that it was good but that it was a lot spicier than the non-vegan versions of these foods. I guess that does make sense because you do seem to use a lot more spices when cooking vegan. I think that's what makes it good though. But I have a feeling that my mom would probably prefer the regular old version of these foods.

It was still a nice breakfast, and a nice day at the lake. The Jet-Ski got in the water for the season and I took it for a quick spin around the lake, which is always fun.

Well, I guess that's it for Sunday Brunch. The lunchbox and I will be back at work tomorrow. See you then!


Brooke said...

Wow, that brunch looks delicious! I never really liked biscuits and gravy when I was omni, but I may just have to whip some up now!
My parents probably wouldn't even try a vegan brunch that I made....they would snub me and go out to eat at Village Inn instead! *sigh*

karen said...

What a beautiful shot of the lake! I would love that breakfast. My parents react the same when I cook for them. They say it tastes good, but they prefer their omni ways... I try to cook as oftern as I can for them. They have come around over the last several years.

Freedom said...

I actually find that it is better to cook exotic vegan dishes for omnis because if you try and replicate things that they eat regularly with meat/dairy/eggs etc they are more likely to be disappointed. But the response sounds fairly positive, so keep trying!

kennyboy said...

That makes sense.


Anonymous said...

Nifty plates!

Vegan food does taste differently than omni stuff, but I think it is a good thing. I never liked meat and meat substitutes freak me out... However, I think it's great that they exist for those who like the taste of meat. It shows that going veg*an isn't as much of a sacrifice as you might think!

the vegan vulcan said...

My parents usually have the same "meh, feh" response to vegan food. My dad wouldn't even try tofu scramble!

I never had biscuits and gravy when I was omni (24 years living in the deep south, and yet I never tried milk gravy-- weird), your version looks so rad, I may have to try it!